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About Efron Designs Ltd

Thank you for visiting Efron and allowing us to introduce you to the beauty of coin jewelry.

For more than 30 years, the name Efron has come to be synonymous with quality of product, attention to detail and uniqueness in design. Our long standing dedication to these attributes has allowed us to remain the leader in the art of coin jewelry manufacturing.

Leonardo Efron, the founder of Efron Enterprises, Inc., learned the art of model making and jewelry craftsmanship from his father. His son Daniel Efron is now the third generation to carry on this proud tradition as the President and owner of Efron Designs Ltd. Along with our dedicated staff of jewelers, father and son continue to work side by side to create new designs to showcase a wide assortment of coins.

With all of the modern and ancient coins at our disposal, the possibilities for coin jewelry are endless – only the imagination can limit us. Collectors have long praised the value of coins and their ability to mark special events and eras in history. At Efron we are especially aware of the beauty and sentimentality that owning a finely crafted piece of coin jewelry can provide to its wearer.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss any item you see here, or any special project you would like us to work on.

EFRON: designers for all of your coins since 1976.